Together we can do more.

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Together we can do more.
It’s not just a regular catchphrase. This sentence depicts actual possibilities offered by POLOT (Polish Association of Language Service Providers) membership. As an advocate for employer support and industry growth, we believe that together we can achieve goals that would be difficult or even impossible to achieve by an individual entity. It’s really happening. Thanks to POLOT, we are able to form consortia to pursue greater projects.
Such cooperation resulted in a contract awarded by the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The consortium of Bireta Professional Translations, IURIDICO Legal & Financial Translations and Diuna LSP has prepared the best tender for providing translation and interpretation services regarding the participation of the representatives in the Common Agricultural Policy, in the work of the EU Institutions, in the World Trade Organization, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and other international organisations. Joining forces, experience and resources is what let the three entities achieve more than they would achieve individually.
POLOT members are the entities of various sizes. We want to drive development and cooperation in the translation and localisation industry. Each of us has something to offer, and we believe that if we act together and learn from each other, we can do better to the benefit of us all.