Appropriately for a national organisation aspiring to become the leading influencer in its field, POLOT’s interests naturally relate to all existing parties involved in Poland’s localisation industry, including clients, LSPs of varying size and focus, freelance providers and technology vendors.

But there’s much more: we also take an active interest in helping young people considering joining the industry – students currently reading foreign languages at Poland’s many excellent universities –to become those who will assure the industry’s continued growth and success.

We are Poland’s sole industry organisation to appreciate how important it is for aspiring linguists to be given a proper opportunity to understand the whole industry – the daily issues, client requirements and benefits of working for a leading modern local Language Service Provider. To this end, apprenticeship schemes, coordinated by POLOT’s corporate members, are on offer in select cities. While they are competitively limited to only the best candidates and are strictly unpaid, these provide the opportunity for life-changing experiences and are highly recommended.

Like-minded modern universities who seek active involvement with the industry can provide their students with further amazing benefits from their close association with POLOT. We can assist in the selection and acquisition of world-class industry software that linguists will use in their professional careers, licensed for school labs, for the students to train hands-on. In some cases, we can even co-host term-long training programmes by providing an experienced industry professional equipped with an approved syllabus.

University leaders and individual students who are serious about their careers are kindly requested to get in touch with us at