International relations

The secret of success in our industry is the ability to connect with and maintain good relationships with its most valuable members. The trouble is that those members are dispersed in virtually every corner of the world.

In order to build valuable relationships, POLOT engages in international collaboration programmes, from which POLOT members derive numerous benefits, including, for example:

  • access to the latest information about important events
  • access to special offers and bonuses for participation in events, trade fairs, investments
  • opportunities to engage in projects carried out together with international institutions and businesses.

POLOT will listen to the suggestions and expectations of all its partners, and especially those who are influencing processes essential to the translation industry.

Such partners may be technology providers, EU institutions, industry or business associations, such as chambers of commerce, for example. please feel free to share your thoughts and questions with POLOT. Is there a topic you would like to discuss today?