Building a modern industry and speaking up on important matters together.

The idea for POLOT, an organisation for promoting good industry practices and supporting the development of translation companies, originated in the spring of 2019. A little more than six months later, we became listed on the register of employers’ organisations. This was achieved by bringing together a group of like-minded, open and energetic people who are aware of the opportunities offered by collaboration with competitors. We eagerly share knowledge and work together on projects to the benefit of the industry as a whole.

POLOT is an association of companies working to support and develop language service providers. We believe that by acting together, we can achieve objectives that would be impossible for an individual organisation. As an employers’ organisation, we have an equal position in dialogue with universities, government institutions and other industry organisations. Our objective is to work together to create new and better quality in the sector.

We were established to act jointly in areas that are crucial to the association’s members.

POLOT is a safe space, where competing companies can meet, share information, discuss and agree on measures to strengthen our whole industry.

We deal with areas that are important to our industry and act to benefit all interested parties: translation agencies, LSP employees, translators, customers and the scientific community. We want to be the voice of the language industry, hence our hashtag: #onelanguageindustry.

We are open to new members and to new issues, which any member may raise.


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