POLOT’s ‘visual DNA’ – the Polish Association of Language Service Providers presents its logo.

By 30 December 2019 March 3rd, 2020 No Comments
The concept of POLOT’s visual identity is an obvious reflection of the association’s mission, i.e. the building of a strong institution that brings together Polish entities working to professionalise industry standards. It is a logo consisting of an artistic combination of the letters P and L. However, it is not the logo that is key to POLOT’s communication, but rather the people – active leaders who want to shape the future of the industry (hence the large number of points that make up those letters). People. Leaders. Translations. Above everything else, POLOT is people. The new visual identity emphasises our openness to new members, the need for collective and active collaboration. The new visual identity also foreshadows the further actions we plan to take in the years to come.